Plastic Surgery in Ontario: Knowing the Difference

From enlarging breasts to removing scars, various procedures in cosmetic and plastic surgery are capable of changing any part unwanted feature in your body. Although cosmetic and plastic surgery are often interchangeable terms, the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery (ABCS) stated that these fields have their own distinct differences.

Cosmetic Surgery

As the name suggests, cosmetic surgery mainly concerns the enhancement of the person’s physical appearance, with techniques that may be performed on all areas of the body, neck and head. Most patients who seek cosmetic surgeons are relatively healthy compared to those who require immediate body part restorations. Facial and body contouring, breast enhancement and skin rejuvenation are common treatments done by cosmetic surgeons.

Plastic Surgery

Meanwhile, plastic surgery focuses more on facial and body reconstruction, with most surgical operations involving the patient’s recovery from disease, trauma, burns or birth disorders. The ABSC clarified that plastic surgeons are considered the specialists in general surgery, with their aim being to correct or heal damaged parts of the body for the patient’s overall wellness. Plastic surgery includes burn repair surgery, hand surgery and congenital defect repair.

Research Both

Since any duly qualified physician with the right training may legally conduct cosmetic surgery, the ABSC strongly advises researching the surgeon’s educational background and comparing his program with those of other doctors. To choose the most suitable provider, you have to look at their overall residency training and professional experiences.


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