More Men Undergoing Plastic Surgery – Study

Before, cosmetic procedures were almost always associated with women wanting to look good and feel better about themselves. Now, a recent study by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery has found that there has been a “dramatic increase” on the number of men undergoing plastic surgery, both surgical and nonsurgical procedures.

According to the study, there is a 43 percent increase in the number of men undergoing plastic surgery during the last five years. Among the top cosmetic procedures undergone by these men include eyelift, necklift, jawline recontouring, and liposuction. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery president Dr. James Grotting expressed his confidence that this trend of more men seeking plastic surgery won’t be going away soon. Like women, men are beginning to consider and invest in options that can maintain their youthful appearance in a challenging and at times “ageist” job market. Continue reading


Problems That Require a Plastic Surgeon’s Help

Plastic surgery are usually associated with celebrities or vanity (or a combination of both), yet there is more to this procedure than just restoring beauty. While some people undergo plastic surgery to feel better about themselves and to be accepted, others have drastic facial or skin problems that only plastic surgery can provide a solution to. Continue reading